I Think, Therefore I Can

Although my time in the communication’s department hasn’t been the most extensive, the knowledge I have gained in that short time is some of the most useful information I have been given in my entire college career. My professors are supplying me with theories and processes that I can then apply to my professional and everyday life. Specifically in my Media Studies class where we have been learning about many of the theories that appear in my previous posts. (Coincidence? I think not!) Hermeneutics, ISAs and RSAs, and of course, semiotics have all had an impact on how I view and think about the world around me. Simply having the knowledge about these topics gives me a new insight on how the world functions and my place in it.

Interpretation and signification particularly relate to the fields in communications I would like to become efficient in, marking or public relations. These subjects also tie in with hermeneutics; being aware that there are different ways to think about the same idea gives me an upper hand and forces me to be more open-minded. In the future, when I am developing a project, considering how my targeted audience could respond to an advertisement or an action is very important to make sure there are minimal negative consequences.

What I love about what I have learned from Media Studies is the fact that these ideas and concepts can be applied to almost any aspect of a person’s life. All one needs to do is be aware of the concepts, and they can then be used for any kind of interaction. As a person who prides herself of being self-aware, intellectual theories that give a different perspective are fascinating to me. My goal in the field of communications is to succeed, plain and simple. If being aware of ideologies, mythologies, and concepts will help me reach more people and be more successful, I am ready to learn.

Another quality that I appreciate from my Media Studies class is the writing experience. Writing is such an intricate part of communication, and something I haven’t done much of in the last few years. As a previous nursing student, my academia consisted mainly of memorization of facts and taking exams. Before my transfer into communications, I had not written more than a page in almost two years. Simply being forced to step outside my normal writing style and creating something less formal and boring was a breath of fresh air. Again, I stress the importance of being a good writer, and the only way to improve is practice! It has only been half of a semester, and I already feel like I am more capable than when I entered.

Basically what Media Studies, and the entire communication department in general has given to me is the intellectual basis to be able to think and communicate with a wide variety of people. Not only has this enhanced my writing skills, which will always be a work in progress, but it has given me intrapersonal communication skills, which I can then turn into interpersonal skills in both everyday and professional life. As GI Joe once said, “Knowing is half the battle.”



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