Power and Responsibility

My internship offers me a lot of power when it comes to completing my work, which can be both a blessing and a curse. I make my own schedule, manage my time, and work from home. With so much power at my hands, I have to manage my time more effectively to make sure that all of my work gets completed.

Making the Schedule Work

Making my own schedule is fantastic because it guarantees me time to spend with my friends and family. I love how flexible I can Responsibility-article-600x400-Scott-Wagnorbe, and if something important comes up, I have the ability to rearrange my schedule to deal with it. The downside to this is, (forgive me for what I’m about to say) with great power comes great responsibility.( I couldn’t resist!)  But it’s true! I have to battle with myself to
schedule tasks that I don’t really enjoy doing. It is especially difficult when I am traveling. When I make my schedule to travel and do product demonstrations, I have to balance my work load so I don’t become completely exhausted or complacent. Traveling can be a difficult thing to make myself do considering I am driving anywhere from four to 8 hours a day to complete demos. I have to ensure my sanity by scheduling short demos in between long demos. I want to get as much work done as I can while I am on the road, but I don’t want to completely lose my sanity or have an accident because I am so exhausted.

Sometimes it is difficult to make the scheduling decisions I know I need to make. There are days when I have to do two demos in the same area, and those can be brutal! Driving three hours to stand for six hours trying to sell tea to just then drive three hours home is not my ideal day… But I know that it is my responsibility to get it done and to do it well.

I can’t let my frustrations or lack of motivation distract me from my tasks at hand. I have a responsibility to this company, and I have a responsibility to myself to do my job the best that I possibly can, no matter what the situation. I pride myself in being a hard-working individual. I am known for being respectful and responsible, and these are not things I take lightly. I value the quality of my work and my reputation, and that is why I try my best each and every day to get the job done correctly. Making my own schedule and managing my time can be a difficult task, and there are occasions where it is tempting to slack off, but my determination and my sense of responsibility is greater. Time management skills are important, and being able to make my own schedule is a big responsibility, but I choose, and will continue choosing, to use this power to do the very best job I can.


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