Capstone: The Beginning of the End

As I approach the end of my senior year I am faced with the task of choosing what I want to do for my final project, the dreaded Capstone at Shepherd University. My time here has been spent all over campus completing courses, volunteering, and being generally involved. When trying to think of a topic which to do my project on, I am finding that my indecisiveness is getting in the way. I want to do a project worth doing. I want to leave a lasting impression in some way. My project has to make a difference.

I’ve been tossing up a few different ideas for some time now, but I’m not sure which one I will choose, if any at all. The first one involves a campaign raising awareness on dating violence on college campuses. With everything happening all over the media (Brock Turner, college cover-ups of sexual assault, etc.) there is plenty to pull from. I also have personal experience with this subject and have been involved with a similar project before.

My second idea involves the benefits of the use of pet therapy on college campuses. I

My adorable puppy

would partner with local shelters to have puppy playtime at the campuses. This would be mutually beneficial because the students would get to destress with the animals and the shelters would get free promotion and a chance to socialize their animals. I know that my puppy brings me so much joy and definitely helps me destress after a long day at school.

Between these two ideas I am leaning more towards the first one, simply because it would make an impact on the students. The subject of dating violence is one close to my heart, and it is vitally important that it be discussed in an appropriate setting. Moving forward, I still have no firm plan as to what I truly want my project to be, but this is a start.

I know that I want to do some sort of a campaign, like I have been learning about in many of my strategic communication classes. Be it an awareness campaign, a fundraising campaign, or any other type of campaign, I want it to be impactful. I will use all the knowledge I have obtain from my time here at Shepherd to put together a well thought out campaign. I just have to figure out what I will be campaigning for…


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