Capstone: Research Nightmare

I still have NO idea what I want my project to be on. Sometime last week my adviser threw a wrench in my plans to do a campaign on dating violence when he told me he already had a student doing a project on exactly that. I then pitched my other idea, but in talking with him realized that there were many more obstacles than I had first realized… Back to square one; or should I say, square none.

Honestly research isn’t going very well because I do not have a topic yet! It’s weighing heavy on my mind, but there isn’t any sort of topic I am finding that I am passionate about. I could just partner with a business and run an advertising campaign for them, but I want to do something that will help more people.

After a mini-meltdown about my schedule and the stress i am experiencing over not having a topic yet, I was instructed to research the bare essentials. I started with a few articles about the campaign process, and then I began looking at the advertising side of campaigns. I need to pull in all the basic skills I have been taught in the communications department to put together a cohesive campaign on whatever topic I choose. In the next week I hope to narrow down my options and find a cause I feel is worthy of my time. After-all, the Capstone is part of my legacy at Shepherd (if I do it right), and it needs to be done the right way.

Finding time to do research is becoming a struggle as well. I have so many other things going on at the same time that my schedule is packed! Theatre, six classes, volunteer work, housework, sleeping! There aren’t enough hours in the day! To get through this, I need my time-management skills and to prioritize what needs completed when. So housework may take a backseat for a while (oh darn! I so enjoy cleaning). It will all be done, and it will all be done well.


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