Capstone: Brain Breakthrough

I’ve done it! I have FINALLY choses a topic for my senior Capstone project. Ready for this? I will be organizing a drug take-back program in the Shepherdstown community! This topic simply fits. I am a communications major with a minor in biology, I have a history dealing with pharmaceuticals, and there is a need for this type of program around this area! I know have a topic, so I will be able to narrow down my research.

When I first came to Shepherd, I was on a fast-track path to pharmacy school. Even though I realized that this wasn’t the path for me, I never lost my love for the sciences, which is one reason why my choses minor is in biology. I first experienced drug take-back programs in high school when my local police department partnered with a pharmacy to institute a program.

Basically what a drug take-back program is, is when appropriate and responsible authorities come together to help rid the community of expired or unneeded medications. Opioid abuse is on the rise, especially among younger people. I plan to organize a drug take-back program in at least one location and perhaps make a short presentation on drug safety. In this project I will be utilizing all of my advertising and communication skills to spread awareness about the program and to hopefully gain support and participation from the school and community.

I have a long ways still to go, but at least I now have a plan (and even a backup plan) for my Capstone. This takes a lot of stress off of my shoulders, and it gives me hope for the future. I am glad to have finally found a topic that I am passionate about and that I feel could make a difference in the community I have called home for the past few years. Now begins the real beginning of the end of my college career. Fingers crossed!


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