Art and Copy: The Importance and Power of Creativity

While watching the movie Art and Copy one of the most prevalent themes was the importance of creativity. The entire concept of creativity has always been an interest of mine because as a child, I found it difficult to tap into my creative side. My life revolved around the sciences, around the concrete theories and concepts, and around my determination to do things the “right way.”

But as I have grown and experienced more of life, all that began to change. I discovered theatre and found a love of the arts (although my skills are still lacking). My interests have evolved during my college career, and with it so has my choice in career. I began school pursuing a degree in pharmacy. That soon switched to pre-med, then to regular biology, to nursing, and I somehow ended up in communications, the place I belonged from the beginning. Along the way, my creativity blossomed, and I realized how much I need to nurture my creativity because it’s so important to who I want to become.

Creativity is not something anyone can plan. It just comes from “somewhere,” and you can’t quite understand the impact an idea can have until it’s come to fruition. Specifically in the world of advertising creativity can have an extreme amount of power. Take the famous Child with the Daisy advertisement for President Johnson for example. This commercial was revolutionary to the people back then! It could have very well changed the course of the election. To think that the daisy commercial was just an idea someone had at one point in time is incredible to think about.

Advertising and creativity in general make me excited! It’s a way for you to not just sell a product but to share an experience. Coming from a theatrical background, similar to the Wells woman in the film, I relate to sharing an experience. I want to make each advertisement a work of art! The goal of an advertiser is to entertain the world using clients’ products.

The power and potential impact that comes from a creative idea is mind-blowing! The fact that nobody really knows where these ideas come from is a wonderful enigmatic blessing! Creativity is a gift. Creativity is a tool. Creativity is the most important innovation the world has ever seen.

See what inspiration you can draw from Art and Copy!



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