Capstone: All Coming Together

Why am I trying to raise money to give homeless women tampons? I want to make a difference. This entire process is exciting to me because I know that my efforts are going to impact the lives of women in my home state!

Already, my campaign has raised over $150, and this is just the beginning! My plan from this point on is to continue to raise funds and awareness via social media and to begin work on creating donation sites around campus. I plan to decorate shoe boxes and advertise the project in women’s restrooms around campus. If all goes well on campus, I will reach out further to local businesses and organizations to place donation boxes in their restrooms. The premise around this campaign is “do you have a spare tampon?” Women ask each other for feminine hygiene products all the time. Why not ask on behalf of someone who needs it more?

My gofundme page is still up and running and continues to collect funds as we speak. I set my goal at $250, but I may adjust this goal based on the initial success of the campaign.

All in all I am excited to see where this project takes me, and I am hopeful for its success. If nothing else, I am glad that I can make some difference in the lives of women in my state. If you would like to donate to my campaign, you can find more information at




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