Capstone: Growing Through Experience

As my time at Shepherd is coming to a close, I am nervous but excited about the next chapter in my life. Shepherd University has provided me a great many experiences in these past four years, but none more important than that which I can carry into the professional world.

This Capstone is the culmination of all my knowledge gained in the Communication department. Right now I am in the process of writing a campaign proposal to explain what I have done for my feminine hygiene product fundraiser. “Go With the Flow,” is a name I am tossing up as of now. It is experiences such as this that I will be able to use on my resume that will hopefully land me a position after college.

This past week, I attended Shepherd University’s annual Career Fest where I spoke with a number of professionals in the area looking for bright young talent. I handed out 15 resumes and collected business cards from each person I spoke with. The entire process of looking for a job is extremely intimidating, but I am persistent.

I will never stop striving for excellence, and I will never quit. I am finding strength through the process of my Capstone, and it is fueling my drive to succeed. Look out, world! Kaitlyn Miller is a name to know. I will THRIVE!





Feature Photo Credit: David


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