Social Media Engagement

Social Media is part of life nowadays, and Shepherd University is right there with it! During Social Media classes, we students were tasked with creating original and engaging content for the department’s social media accounts. Here is an example of a piece I wrote for the Halloween Costume Contest! Advertisements

Persuasive Plan Proposal

During the seminar on persuasion and messaging, the class was challenged to come up with a strategic campaign proposal for any cause they chose. The only condition was that the teams had to research and effectively implement persuasion strategies learned about over the duration of the class. Check out the entire proposal here. PersuasivePlan

Lights, Camera, Action! What You Need to Know About Lighting

Let there be light! But not just any light will do. Lighting when it comes to studio production is more complex than simply flicking a switch. When trying to light a space like a television studio there are 3 key points to keep in mind. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce a 3-point lighting … More Lights, Camera, Action! What You Need to Know About Lighting