Doc’s Tea Internship

One month ago, I took a huge step into my future when I was lucky enough to receive my first paid internship with Doc’s Tea Company. These past few weeks have been a glimpse into what I hope to do for the rest of my life.

doc's tea

Doc’s Tea Company

What Doc’s Tea is, is a premium micro-brewed tea company based out of Inwood, WV. Creator, Dr. Kenneth Banks (a WVU graduate from the School of Dentistry) and his children work to provide people with a tasty, healthy beverage option unlike any other. Doc’s Tea is completely organic and made with only the best ingredients. With health in mind, Dr. Banks and his team creative a variety of flavored teas that are low calorie, naturally caffeine free, and only contain less than a gram of organic cane sugar for sweetener.bottle-lemongrass

Being able to work closely with Dr. Banks and his daughter, Sarah, I get to see first hand the care that this family has towards others and the environment.  Their facility, built right outside of Dr. Banks’ dental practice, utilizes the power of the sun to run their facility, and all of their packaging is 100% recyclable.

The commitment I see first-hand from everyone involved in this company makes me excited to see what is in store. I believe that Doc’s Tea is 100% brewed with your health in mind.

Skeptical? Check it out for yourself. Doc’s Tea

My Role

I have been provided a great opportunity by this wonderful company. Being an intern, I wasn’t sure what responsibilities I would be given. I could not be happier! I feel that the work I am being given is worth all the time I am putting in. My role at Doc’s Tea is titled as “Brand Ambassador.” My duties include, contacting and managing relationships between the company and their 14 Kroger accounts, traveling and doing product demonstrations at multiple locations, and investigating potential new business ventures for the company. I also will have the opportunity to do some work with social media and do some other odd-jobs around the company.


Hopes and Expectations

Beginning this internship is my next big step into the adult world. From this internship, I hope to gain valuable real-world experience that will one day help mebutler_doc in my field. I want to gain confidence, work on my people skills, and utilize and strengthen all that I have learned in my studies at Shepherd University. I am excited to meet new people and make connections all around the state, but most of all, I hope to narrow down the direction I want to go with my career. The following weeks will no doubt bring many new experiences, some excellent, some less than excellent, but I am prepared to do my best and get as much out of this internship as possible. Plus! I really enjoy Doc’s Tea!